Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SharePoint Conference 2012 Keynote is Now Online

If you were unable to make it to Las Vegas for the annual Microsoft SharePoint Conference, you can watch the keynote right here and see what Microsoft is sharing about the future of SharePoint. Speakers include Jared Spataro, Jeff Teper, Scott Guthrie, and David Sacks.

Some highlights:
  • Drag and drop files from your desktop to SharePoint Online (Office 365) document libraries.
  • Deep integration with personal and corporate SkyDrive.
  • Conversations are attached to all sites by default.
  • Aggregation of SharePoint, Exchange, and Project tasks.
  • SharePoint 2013 Windows phone app for version 7 and 8
  • Yammer social capabilities will be integrated into SharePoint to improve communication both internal to your company, and externally with partners and customers. Over 200,000 companies use Yammer including 85% of Fortune 500.
  • Access SharePoint documents from Yammer.
  • Yammer will be free to SharePoint online customers.
  • Cloud, cloud, and more cloud. You can run your own servers, but they recommend cloud.
  • Search - personal re-find links will show when you search for things you've already looked at saving you from going to the search results page. Search results will give links to sections inside a document.
  • You can now create SharePoint content with virtually any designer tool (not limited to SharePoint Designer).
  • eDiscovery uses discovery sets and queries to make you a hero to legal. Works across multiple Microsoft Enterprise apps (ex. Exchange).
  • "Site mailboxes" show data like a document library in your Outlook .
  • 40% better use of bandwidth.
  • 4X image compression.
  • The new Cloud App Model Ecosystem allows developing SharePoint apps for on-premise or SharePoint Online.

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