Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SharePoint 2010 Event ID 6801 FIMSynchronizationService

Our User Profile Synchronization service has been running without issues for quite a while, but in the last few days we started to seeing event id 6801 errors in the application event log:

Event ID 6801 FIMSynchronizationService

Looking at the configuration of the service itself, there didn't appear to be any problems. The sync would run, but it would generate errors for every user it processed. It turns out the problem is with the proxy for the user profile service application. The proxy basically associates the User Profile Service Application to the Web application through membership in the a service application connection group. In most environments, this is the default group.

User Profile Service Application Proxy

The solution is to simply re-create the proxy using the following steps:

1. Delete the existing User Profile Service Application proxy using the following script. The name may be different in your farm, but you can verify by running Get-SPServiceApplication.

Note: If you've messed around with the service application associations and don't remember if you're still using the default group, go to Central Admin - Application Management - Service Applications and click on Configure service application associations. In the default config, it should look like this:

Service Application Associations

$proxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where {$_.typename -eq "User Profile Service Application Proxy"}

Remove-SPServiceApplicationProxy -Identity $proxy -confirm:$false
2. Create a new User Profile Service Application Proxy using the following script and associate it with the default group:
$upa = Get-SPServiceApplication -Name "User Profile Service Application"
New-SPProfileServiceApplicationProxy -Name "User Profile Service Application Proxy" -ServiceApplication $upa -DefaultProxyGroup
3. Do an iisreset from the command prompt, then run a profile sync and check the errors are no longer being generated.

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Anonymous said...


We have the same error on SP2013. I've tried your solution but it did not work.


Phu V. Huynh

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